Squad Goals.

Want to join our squad? Contact us to set up a tour and discuss how to reserve a work space at the Sanctuary & Spa.

Working at SŌWA Sanctuary & Spa is like no other space in Chicago. Dana is dedicated to the wellness and personal growth of those who practice their craft with her.

Sanctuary amenities include: 

  • station, chair, color storage with lock, 24/7 access to salon

  • all utilities, full break room kitchen amenities

  • limited back bar included

  • assistant, cleaning lady (1X a week)

  • coffee/drinks for clients, massage chair for clients while processing

  • 2 free sauna sessions a month

  • mobile buzzer at station to let clients in the door

  • hot towel machine, yume espoir shampoo bowl to pamper your client

  • first month rent is 50% off, 10% commission for all product sales

We're Hiring





679 N. Milwaukee Ave, F1

Chicago, IL 60642




Monday - Saturday

8am - 10pm

Sunday - closed

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